For Engineers

Spend more time designing and less time modelling. An easy-to-use interface to accurately quantify performance in the fastest available workflow.

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For Architects

Fast, accurate modelling throughout the whole design process gives you confidence in your designs from concept to completion.

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For Education

Quick and easy to learn, focus on design and simulation issues.Allows access to EnergyPlus (and Radiance) input files and a host of advanced scripting tools.

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Since 2015, VILANDCO has been appointed by Designbuilder Software Ltd. (UK) to be Reseller for Vietnam’s market which includes sale, technical support and software training in Vietnam.VILANDCO is currently a champion member of the Viet Nam Green Building Council (VGBC), a non-governmental organisation established with the objective of promoting the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings in Vietnam.

With our experience, VILANDCO has also deployed training, energy simulation consulting and building performance analysis services and is one of the leading companies in green building certification consulting. and project performance in Vietnam.

In addition, VILANDCO is also implementing Openstudio software support and training services for users interested in this software.

DesignBuilder Software

Designbuilder is the most advanced and highly accurate Energyplus building energy simulation software available today with an intuitive and simple interface. Designbuilder was developed to help architects and engineers optimize design solutions easily on the basis of harmonizing investor interests at each design stage through extremely useful tools. software branding.

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OpenStudio Software

OpenStudio is a suite of free and open-source software applications for building energy analysis used in building information modeling.OpenStudio applications run on Microsoft Windows, Macintosh, and Linux platforms.Its primary application is a plugin for proprietary SketchUp, that enables engineers to view and edit 3D models for EnergyPlus simulation software.

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