DesignBuilder is a modular suite of design tools that plug in to our 3-D building modelling software. We have a set of convenient packages that suit most needs, however you can license individual modules in any combination you require. You can also license additional modules to increase the capabilities of the entry level packages as and when you need them.

Annual or Version Perpetual Licenses
DesignBuilder offers a choice of annual or version perpetual licenses. An annual license has a lower upfront cost but must be renewed each year to continue using the software. This allows you to stay up to date with the latest release of DesignBuilder and move from v5 to v6 with no upgrade charge. A v5 perpetual license allows you to continue using v5 for as long as you wish, however you will need to purchase an upgrade to move to v6. There is a 40% discount for existing license holders wishing to upgrade.

Single User License
A Single User licence allows you to run one copy of DesignBuilder at any one time. The software can be installed on any number of computers and moved from one to another. This is the simplest and most common licensing option, suitable for individuals or small teams.

Site License
A site licence is the most convenient way to share one or more licence across a number of networked machines. The site license server is installed on your network server and provides module licenses on demand to DesignBuilder users on your network. This is a more cost effective option for larger numbers of seats but does require a little additional effort to set up and administer. With a site license individual DesignBuilder modules are ordered in quantities sufficient to support your concurrent user requirements.

Evaluation License
You may obtain a free 30 day single user evaluation license to trial DesignBuilder by contacting us. This will allow you to access all the modules. You may also apply to us for an evaluation extension or to trial modules you did not use during your original evaluation period.

Education and Student Licenses
We provide 50% discount for educational users and 90% discount for individual students on application and proof of status. Academic institutions that purchases a site license for teaching use on the department network can be provided with a number of free single user student licenses for use on students own computers. Educational and student licenses cannot be used for commercial work or consultancy - a full license is required for this.