Building Energy Model (BEM) is the use of computer softwares to simulate a building, focusing on passive design and active solutions involving energy consumption, energy costs and lifespan costs of the building. DESIGNBUILDER which is a software to simulate energy and analyse building performance is popularly used by architects and engineers over the world nowadays.


Therefore, the Department of Architecture and Planning along with the Department of Environmental Architecture in collaboration with Vietnam Green Building Council - VGBC and The Viet Land Investment Consulting and Construction Joint-Stock Company - Vilandco (the representing company of DESIGNBUILDER software in Vietnam) organize a free training course with certificate for " Introduction course on energy simulation and building performance analysis using Designbuilder Software " for Architecture students of 57KD and 58KD.

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1. Time and venue

  • Date: 17&18/12/2016
  • Time: 8.30-17.00
  • Venue: Experiment Block, National University of Civil Engineering

2. Register:

  • Registration place: The Department of Architecture and Planning Office
  • Registration deadline: from Monday (28/11/2016) to Monday (05/12/2016)

3. Requirement

  • Learners have to equip themselves with personal laptop

If you have any questions or difficulties related to course’s information or payment process, please contact Vietnam Green Building Council (VGBC) or contact us via our hotline to get support.