The Viet Land Investment Consulting and Construction Joint-Stock Company (VILANDCO JSC) was established in 2007, initially with architectural design consulting, interiors and construction consulting works as the main areas of activity. The company aims to ensure harmony between humans and the natural environment in any project they undertake. VILANDCO is currently a champion member of the Viet Nam Green Building Council (VGBC), a non-governmental organisation established with the objective of promoting the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly buildings in Vietnam.

Since the beginning of the Green Building movement in Vietnam, VILANDCO has been involved to become one of the leading specialist consulting firms in Vietnam. We have in-house software and simulation capabilities as well as experience in certification and the latest Green Building trends and strategies.

Since 2015, VILANDCO has been appointed by Designbuilder Software Ltd. (UK) to be Reseller for Vietnam's market which includes sale, technical support and software training for clients in Vietnam. Designbuilder software is an advanced energy modeling tool with easy-to-use interface. This enables the whole design team to use the same software to develop comfortable and energy-efficient building designs from concept through to completion.