Expert training course on energy simulation and building performance analysis – Advanced course

The reason for choosing the course

Advanced Courses on energy simulation and building performance analysis will be taught on two days in Vietnamese or English. Target learners are architects, engineers … who had experience on energy simulation and building performancean alysis or completed the Fundamental Course.

When participating in this course, learners will be provided with specialized knowledge on energy simulation and building performanceanalysis through the exercises with experts of Designbuilder Viet Nam. Besides, the course also has the participation of manufacturers on materials, equipment and techniques who will share their information & real experience adapted to the themes of these courses.

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New class

Class: DBNC_ON_120422

Time Class Tuition Address
Time: 12,13/04/2022 DBNC_ON_120422 3.000.000 VNĐ Online
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Class: DBNC_HN190422

Time Class Tuition Address
Time 19,20/04/2022 DBNC_HN190422 3.000.000 VNĐ B10 Building, Van Phuc Ward, Ha Dong District, Ha Noi.
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  • Discount 10% for students who register in groups of 3 or more.
  • Discount 10% for students who have attended previous training courses of DesignBuilder VN.
  • Discount 10% for students who are students, students of universities, colleges, …
  • Students are allowed to request a refund if the opening schedule is delayed more than 3 times.

Benefits for students


The first day - Rendering; energy simulation calculation
  1. Introducing the training program & getting to know the students
  2. Installation & Setup
  3. Rendering
  4. Establish the natural conditions of the site & the sun chart
  5. Material setting
  6. Set up functions & equipment
  7. Set up the air conditioning system
  8. Calculation of hot load, cold load
  9. Energy Simulation & Parametric Analysis
  10. Q&A
The second day - Passive Design Analysis
  1. Introduction to Climate Consultant software
  2. About CBE Thermal comfort tools
  3. Introducing Data visualization
  4. Analyze indicators of solar radiation, temperature… directly on the model
  5. Perform analysis on natural lighting for the building & propose optimal design solutions
  6. Perform analysis of natural ventilation for inside and outside the building & propose optimal design solutions,
  7. Perform energy efficiency analyzes and to output design optimization solutions
  8. Prepare passive design analysis reports as required by LOTUS . green building certification
  9. Practical exercise.
  10. Q&A
  11. Course summary.